Gentoo is coming from Antartica to the world.

By entering and registering in the application completely and easily, and when you click on register, the Gentoo penguin will take you to Antarctica.

Our Advantages

Advantages of Gentoo


The latest international networks

As Gentoo Company has a wide international network all over the world of shipping companies and global logistics companies, which enables Gentoo to deliver your packages to all parts of the world


The latest tracking technologies in the world

You can track your shipment through the application or through the shipment number found on the delivery receipt


Acceptable and satisfactory prices for all customers

Gentoo Penguin works on customer comfort, satisfaction, and continuity in providing a level appropriate to our customers


The largest fleet of cars

You can ask for whatever you want and you will find we have the best team of professional drivers at the latest level

About Us


Gentoo Delivery Company’s message to the world, customers, companies and investors Gentoo Company seeks to improve the delivery experience around the world by providing delivery services

Reliable and efficient. Its mission focuses on meeting customer needs and providing an innovative solution to improve delivery operations for businesses and consumers, and to build lasting partnerships with customers and businesses, with an emphasis on quality


Striving to achieve maximum efficiency in all aspects of work, whether in delivery operations or logistics services and the changing challenges in the delivery market and providing flexible solutions to meet customer needs

Customer focus

Putting customers’ needs and experiences at the heart of decisions and development, responding effectively to their requirements and using the latest technologies in the field of delivery to ensure the efficiency of delivery operations and improve the customer experience

Collaboration Partnerships

Building strategic partnerships with companies and suppliers to ensure smooth integration in the supply and export chain and providing distinct solutions and innovations. This approach reflects a commitment to continuous development and improvement, and providing an innovative and effective solution in the field of delivery services


The company also aims to attract investors by offering sustainable growth opportunities and innovative technology that supports continuous improvement in delivery operations

Technology and innovation

Investing in developing new technologies and innovations to improve transportation performance, meet market aspirations, and improve the efficiency of internal operations to achieve lower costs and better delivery times


Adopting sustainable practices in operations and delivery to preserve the environment, meet social obligations, and use modern technology to improve customer experiences and increase efficiency in shipment management

Geographic expansion

Expanding the scope of services to cover new areas, meeting the needs of diverse clients, understanding the needs of each client or company individually, and providing specialized solutions from our team to meet those needs effectively

Frequently Asked Questions

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The cost of the shipment varies from one company to another and depends on several factors, including the destination, the type of shipment, the shipping method, etc. Therefore, with the difference in the shipment, destinations, and delivery methods, the shipping price changes from time to time.

Our company provides several services, including :

  • Warehousing and distribution service
  • International and local shipping services
  • Packaging and packing services
  • Express shipping services
  • Air and sea freight services
  • We strive to meet the needs of our customers and provide the best possible service

The time period for delivery depends on several factors, namely the place of delivery and its destination. Therefore, the company provides several options for speedy delivery before the specified time and strives to satisfy customers through a complete fleet of cars and bikes ready to meet your requests

You can track your shipment through the company’s website or through the company’s application. All you have to do is enter the application, click on track the shipment, and write the shipment number on your receipt. From here you will see where the shipment went, the cities it passed through, and the delivery time.

The documents depend on the type of shipment and the destination, and there are some documents, including:

  • Shipping invoice
  • bill of lading
  • Certificate of Origin
  • packing list
  • Commercial invoice (for merchants)
  • Health certificate (if the shipment is food) for merchants

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